Jock's Ceiling / Partition & Bulkheads appreciate that every client’s needs are unique, and that, at times, the wants are more important than the needs. Financial needs, goals and circumstances change throughout a person’s life; therefore it is important to build a relationship of trust between Jock's Ceiling / Partition & Bulkheads and the client, to recommend the most suitable PRODUCTS to the client’s needs.

Jock's Ceilings / Partition & Bulkheads offer all types of interior solutions from the simplest to the most complex design. At Jock's contracts, we deliver high quality cost effective products in todays 'fast track' construction on market.

We are Specialized in suspended ceilings, partitions and bulkheads that will enhance any construction or renovation project and turn simple building necessities into attractive structural features.

Modernize your building and turn your ceiling into a feature with a range of suspended dropped celings.

Plaster boards and metal stud partitions are becoming increasingly prevalent within modern buildings due to their versatility, light weight and speed of construction.

Jock's has extensive experience in the field of celings, partitions and bulkheads.

Services we offer:

  • suspended ceilings
  • dry wall
  • bulkheads
  • flash plastered ceilings
  • partitions
  • light drops
  • domes
  • tiling
  • building
  • core drilling
  • fancy bulkhead

Our various products include maintenance and installation.

We use the very best materials and all work is supervised and overseen to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our work is completed with a minimum of fuss and mess.

We are able to do installations in existing building aswell as new developments such as complexes and houses.


We do free quotations and we will beat any quote out there.